Experience harmony in Ibiza with Yoga & Gestalt

Discover a total wellness experience in Ibiza, where the ancient practices of yoga and Gestalt therapy come together to offer you a deep harmony, inspired by the radiant sun, picturesque beaches and the island’s life-giving nature.

About me

Welcome! I am Teresa, a passionate yoga practitioner and therapist in Gestalt psychology, based on the charming island of Ibiza. My life journey has led me to explore the depths of consciousness and wellness, and I have found the combination of yoga and Gestalt therapy to be a powerful means of awareness and personal growth.


Discover the harmony of yoga in group classes or choose a personalized experience with private classes, tailored to your unique needs, in a welcoming environment in Ibiza.


Explore personal growth and deep healing through private Gestalt therapy sessions in person, online or in groups, offering individual and attentive support in a quiet environment.


Immerse yourself in a profound transformation in yoga and personal development retreats, where each experience is designed to awaken your potential.

Yoga Classes

(group or private)

Immerse yourself in an a haven of wellness in our small, cozy and family center in Ibiza, where yoga becomes more than just a practice, but a transformative experience.

In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, each yoga session offers much more than physical postures; it is an invitation to a deep connection with yourself and others.

Breathing, stretching and meditating in this quiet space will help you release tension, find inner balance and strengthen your body and mind. Join our loving community and discover the countless benefits of yoga for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Gestalt Therapies

(group, private or online)

Gestalt therapy offers a holistic approach to healing and personal development, focusing on awareness and personal responsibility.

Through interactive dialogue and creative exploration, this therapeutic method invites you to discover and fully integrate all facets of your being. Immerse yourself in a deeply transformative journey of self-discovery, where each session guides you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and more authentic relationships with others.

Accompanied by an experienced and empathetic therapist, explore your potential for growth and healing in a safe and supportive environment.


My Philosophy

Through my yoga classes and therapy sessions, I am committed to accompany you on the path to inner transformation. Whether you are looking to regain balance, release accumulated tensions or simply connect with your deepest essence, I am here to offer you a safe and nurturing space where you can explore, gain tools to improve and evolve. Join us in Ibiza for a holistic experience that nourishes the body, soul and mind.

Ready to get started?

Ready to begin your wellness journey? Book your yoga class or Gestalt therapy session in Ibiza and let the transformation begin!

Contact me on WhatsApp or through my social networks for immediate answers and personalized support.

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